network marketing tipsThere are 2 Network Marketing tips that I wished that I had when I first got gotten started in network marketing years ago.  I, like most people getting started, did not have a clue.  I thought that if I just got a few friends started in the business, it would be smooth sailing from then on.  WRONG!  You see most people may have a dream, but they just don’t know how to set the dream in motion.  New Reps have good intentions, but without the right mentors and systems in place, they are doomed to fail.

Network Marketing Tips For Finding The Right Mentor

Finding the right mentor is one of the best network marketing tips that a new network marketer can receive.  Finding the right network marketing mentor can literally cut years off the networking learning curve and actually turn what could easily be a failing proposition into one of success.

Network Marketing Success Leaves Clues

Why re-invent the wheel?  Do you think that all the people you see and read about on the internet actually made this stuff up?  NO!  Most internet entrepreneurs gather information from other successful networkers and build on that information.  Find someone that is successful and building a business either online or offline, or combination of the two, and do what they are doing.  Don’t copy their work, but look at what they are doing and get ideas and make them yours.

What To Look For In A Network Marketing Mentor

There are really 2 kinds of mentors that I have associated myself with in my marketing business, and I would suggest that you consider these as well.  One way to learn the best network marketing tips for your business is to find a few mentors online that you really have an interest in and aspire to follow long term.  There are many so called “gurus” out there, so be careful.  Look for someone that is actually walking the walk and not just selling info products.  Many of these guys are good at marketing but not good at building a business.

Be Careful Not To “Mentor Up” Too Aggressively

I say this with caution, because you do want to look at top earners and learn their network marketing tips and tricks.  When I say don’t “mentor up”, I mean be careful when looking to a top earner for hands on help.  I learned this the hard way over the years, and I have had many mentors along the way.

Have you ever joined a program or purchased a system from one of the “top tier” money earners.  Seriously, these guys are great and there is a lot to learn from the top earners in the industry, and they are good mentors, but they are NOT good hands on mentors.  So, my suggestion is to find a network marketing mentor that has enough success that you can learn from, but not so much success that they don’t have the time to help you.   As a result, you will want to continuously find new mentors depending on your rate of growth.

Network Marketing Tips For Finding The Right System

While finding the right mentor is key in being successful in network marketing, finding the right network marketing system is just as important.  In my opinion, there is no substitution for working your business offline, belly to belly.  Many new network marketer try to hide behind the internet, and while there are people that build a business strictly online, most successful marketers use a combination.

What Do You Look For In A Network Marketing System

While there are many network marketing systems out there, keep in mind that there are no “push button”, “autopilot” systems out there that are worth their salt.  A system is just that…a system, and there still has to be a learning curve and work involved to work the system.

The system that I personally use is My Lead System Pro (MLSP).  If you want to add to your offline marketing efforts and start marketing online, then I think MLSP is the best system out there.  MLSP can be used anywhere between a very basic level to an extremely advanced level.  It is almost impossible to outgrow this system.

The beautiful thing about MLSP is the funded proposal built inside the system.  You see, MLSP is a tool which enables you to market to other marketers looking to build their business.  The funded proposal is built as marketers come into your MLSP system and need to purchase the tools to market their business online.  As their business grows, they purchase more tools to make their marketing efforts more effective.  Guess what, because you are helping them learn the business, they purchase the tools from you and you make affiliate commissions…SWEET.

SIGN UP for MLSP and immerse yourself in our library of network marketing tips.


Barry Garner


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