So I was cruising around the other day doing my typical wasting time looking like I am busy on the internet thing,

and I see this hot ass girl in pink sunglasses with a paintball gun in my Facebook news feed.paintball_chick

Kinda looked like this.  Well, it was this that got my attention.

Nothing like hot pink sunglasses to get the attention of a dude surfing the internet and Facebook calling himself busy.

So the add was talking about this young guy that had given up a 250K internet business.  Thats right, totally walking away from a huge internet marketing business and going local.  I am like WTF!  Who in their right mind would do something like that?

So I, to say the least was intrigued, and I checked it out.

Brad was saying that even though he could be successful, he was fed up with recruiting others to join a business knowing that they would not come even close to his level of success, or even better yet, knowing they would probably make no money at all.

So he decided he would use his knowledge combined with the local listing knowledge of Dan and help local business with their SEO.


I have heard that before, but most businesses have heard it too,  and I am not looking for a sales job where I have to go convince businesses that I am the next best thing and going to get them all kinds of business and get them ranked on Google…etc etc.

Everybody does that right?  And I am sure most businesses just don’t believe it.

So here is the twist.  These guys are teaching local business SEO with a twist.  Instead of doing all the upfront selling and convincing and getting shot down like a Kamakazi pilot making a slow pass over a warship, we are doing this totally backward.

We are building a site like it is our own.  Check this out. This is my virtual limo business.  So I rank my site and start getting business before I even approach the local limo company with a deal.

Talk about a beautiful thing!  I think that is where the gal in the pink sunglasses comes in.  Woops,  I digress.

So here are the steps:

  1. Build the site and load it with content for SEO
  2. Build local listings and citations
  3. Set up Adwords using free methods to get traffic flowing immediately
  4. Backlink using crowd sourcing within the group
  5. Build your own personal blog network

Pretty DAMN simple and straightforward if I do say so myself.

So now I control the site and the lead flow and can direct the business to whomever I please.   Think about this, and this is what got my attention.  I got my site built out and ran my first free adwords campaign to get the juices flowing before my site really got indexed.  I had a few leads come in and the Limo that I forwarded my leads to booked $1300 in business.

I knew this because our system recorded the calls…pretty slick huh?

So when I followed up with the Limo service, I simply asked him how those leads I was sending him was working out.  What do you think he said.

I told him that those leads were on the house, but I would like a 20% referral for future business, or we could look at working out a flat fee deal for the future.  I will probably suggest $1000 per month.

If you are sick and tired of beating your head against the wall trying to build your business online, think about the idea of being a local mogul.  Email me here … … and I can schedule a call with you and give you the run down.  This definitely is not one of those get rich quick deals, but it is a REAL BUSINESS that has value.

So no, I am not going to send you to some lame ass capture page and spam you with a bunch of BS.  This is for someone serious about making money, and it is NOT free, so if you don’t have a couple thousand dollars to get your business started, I wouldn’t even bother, cause there are some costs involved…

But freaking worth every penny.  I have spend thousands of dollars chasing these online scam artists and this my friend is a real business.