I got interrupted tonight by another one of those annoying voice broadcast messages telling me that they had the latest greatest lead and cash generating machine the marketing industry has ever seen.

I hate to admit it, but I was curious enough to take a look, but right in the middle of their corny video, IT HIT ME.

Gurus will be gurus, and really, most of them are selling you something and have never made a dime in network marketing.  They are throwing up the same old story about how the people selling the tools made most of the money during the California gold rush.  They are trying to sell you a system to sell the system.

Recently I was fortunate enough to find Mark Janazuski, The Worlds Laziest Networker.  After working with Mark and participating in his Go90grow mentoring class, network marketing makes sense.  I have learned that this business is a business of skills.  Skills can be learned and mastered.  I think many people get into this business and think they can recruit a couple people, then the money will start rolling in.  WRONG!

During the last 90 days my concept of network marketing has grown exponentially.  There are several principals which Mark J. teaches that have turned my business around and given me a foundation in which to grow.  These are the principals that I have grown to believe in, and these are the principals that I will teach my team and base the growth of my organization.


You know, I read this book a few years ago, and it made sense, but this book and theory is now the concrete for my new foundation.  I have learned through TAGR that you must have faith that you can achieve your desires.  By creating a definite major purpose for life, you can achieve any goal or objective imaginable.

3 Step Plan

The 3 step plan simplifies the entire network marketing process.  The 3 step plant  basically states that as a network marketing distributor, there are basically 3 steps that we must perform in the recruiting process.

1.  Create interest and sort

2.  Review information

3.  Collect decisions

New distributors must get it in their mind that we are not SELLING our business opportunity to people.  We are merely trying to strike interest and get the prospect or suspect to agree to look at information.  Let the tools do the work.  And finally, we get a decision.

Keep in mind there is a little more to each of these steps that meet the eye, but it is not rocket science.  I will provide insight to each of these steps in future blog posts.

Systems will come and systems will go, and gurus will be there to take your money, but a simple duplicating system that you believe in will work every time.

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