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Training For The Iron Man – My Journey


Barry Garner Augusta-70.3

Barry Garner Augusta-70.3

My training for the Iron Man began October 16 2008.  It was a typical day in the Garner house, lounging around on a Sunday afternoon.  We were watching Kona Ironman which was the Ironman World Championships, and they were featuring a story on Team Hoyt which was a father son team of  Rick and Dick Hoyt.  Rick was a challenged athlete from birth, and his father towed him in a raft for 2.4 miles, rode him on the front of the bike for 112 miles, then pushed him through an entire marathon.

Starting Training For The Iron Man

With tears rolling down my face, I said to myself that I was going to do something like that .  With that statement, I really had no intention of training for the iron man, but I intended to learn the three disciplines which were swim, bike, and run.  I already had a background in cycling, but the swim and the run were a challenge for me.  I remember going to a local park and run/walking my first mile.  Four laps around the perimeter of Duck Samford Park was a full mile, and I remember the day that I was able to complete the full 4 laps.  That was a milestone, but I knew I was on my way to completing my first triathlon. Read the rest of this entry

Being successful at network or internet marketing and the Ironman have many similarities for me. As I am sitting here in my office recovering from last weeks triathlon, a thought keeps recurring in my mind. “Why the hell am I doing this?” I was really thinking that thought about mile 6 of my Olympic distance tri last week, which is a 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike, and 6 mile run.

Last year was my first year competing in triathlon and I was able to complete a half Ironman distance at the end of last year which consists of 1.2 mile swim, 56 bike, and 13 mile run. There is another half on the calendar for this year, then next year will be the Ironman. 2.4 miles in the water, 112 on the bike, then a full 26 mile marathon to finish. Read the rest of this entry