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Problems Posting Craigslist Classifieds

Having Problems Posting On Craigslist.craigslist


Looking at the post above, you can see that Craigslist is deleting all my posts.  The only one that is not deleted here is a post that is ghosted by Craigslist.

Craigslist is a great source of leads for any business, and my business partner Brian Jones is a Craigslist expert.  We have to get this worked out in order to generate leads for my Empower Network business.


After spending the last few years working systems like My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and Empower Network, I stumbled across My Proven Way (MPW).

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with MLSP, but I have found that the learning curve is HUGE for a newbie network marketer to get up and running …
generating their own leads.

There are systems out there that can produce leads, but really, how many network marketers are just not equipped to start building their own blog, create capture pages, learn how to write, spin, and submit articles, purchase the software needed to do those things, learn pay per click, create facebook fan pages, set up auto responders…Are you starting to get the picture.  The list keeps going.

I have put together this video that shows the system that I have been using and teaching my organization to use.  It can be DUPLICATED!

My Proven Way, Little Ticket To Wealth, and the Secret Lead Factory provide a great system for the average network marketer to use to start generating quality leads immediately.


Click Here To Learn How To Start Generating Your Own Real Time Leads

network marketing lead generationNetwork Marketing Lead Generation Is The Lifeblood Of Any Successful Network Marketing Business!

But…Lack of lead generation will kill the most important aspect of network marketing which is RECRUITING.  Recruiting and selling products is the only thing that will put money in your pocket, and you have to have leads or people to talk to in order to be successful recruiting.

Problems With Traditional Network Marketing Lead Generation

Don’t get me wrong…traditional network marketing lead generation is absolutely necessary for most people to be successful in their business.  And, it should be fun also…I mean if you are excited about your business, and you believe in it, you will generate warm market leads without even trying. Read the rest of this entry

Every online marketer looks for the best online marketing marketing strategy

This is going to be FUN!  We are going to take this article and use this article as a case study to have this post rank on the first page of google for the keyword Online marketing strategy.  This post will talk about on page SEO, then I am going to document my strategy and progress with text and video HERE!

The Great Online Marketing Strategy Experiment

So the game plan is to do proper search engine optimization (SEO) on this post then we will go through a series of off page SEO to see if … and how quickly we can get this post ranked. Read the rest of this entry

2 Network Marketing Tips To Explode Your Business

network marketing tipsThere are 2 Network Marketing tips that I wished that I had when I first got gotten started in network marketing years ago.  I, like most people getting started, did not have a clue.  I thought that if I just got a few friends started in the business, it would be smooth sailing from then on.  WRONG!  You see most people may have a dream, but they just don’t know how to set the dream in motion.  New Reps have good intentions, but without the right mentors and systems in place, they are doomed to fail. Read the rest of this entry

MLM Sponsoring Secrets Of The Top 3%

MLM SponsoringMLM Sponsoring is the lifeblood of any network marketing business, and for most it is a daunting task.  Most new networkers get into a business hoping they can sponsor a couple of people and hope that they will get rich as a result.  You know the old whiteboard trick showing a rep that if they sponsor 2 and they sponsor 2 and they sponsor 2, after a year, you will have 1760 reps in your business.  That looks good on paper, but in reality, it really doesn’t work, so what do the leaders in network marketing do that makes them an MLM success? Read the rest of this entry

Problems Prospecting In Network Marketing?

Are you having problems prospecting in network marketing.  One of the biggest issues facing network marketers today is finding people to talk to.  Do you get the cold sweats when you think about approaching someone to talk to them about your business.  In your mind, you are thinking…I know he or she is not interested in what I am doing.   Have you been rejected time and time again, and has your level of self confidence been shattered like a mirror being hit by a golf ball.  (I did that on a driving range in front of a lot of people…very embarrassing).

Read the rest of this entry

How To Write An Article About Marketing

This article about marketing online has never been more timely.  Even workers with a lot of experience are having difficulty in finding steady work these days, let alone well-paying jobs. One method that you can use in working toward financial independence is to create a web business. Read on to discover the best ways to market using articles. If you stay ahead of the curve, you will find success in the online marketplace. Read the rest of this entry

Tom Challans Boot Camp – Lessons Learned

Momentum Moves You Forward

Do you have enough people to talk to on a daily basis about your business? If you are like me, you have found yourself many times, excited about your business, but fresh out of friends and family to talk to and alienate. I ran across Tom Challan a few weeks ago, and was very impressed with his approach to network marketing.  I decided to enroll in Tom Challans Bootcamp and challenge myself and take advantage of his coaching.  This will be the first post with bits and pieces of information from his bootcamp.

Momentum makes network marketing a simple business, but you have to get your body moving in the right direction.  Mental momentum comes prior to physical momentum, so you have to get in the right frame of mind and make a decision to get things going.  When you make up your mind to do something, then you have to take action, but you are already committed, so no big deal.  You are just following through with your mental commitment.

Many people get frustrated working with cold leads and feel that the warm market has been depleted.  There are several ways to create MORE warm market.  I liked the idea of calling a fast food chain and asking to speak to the manager.  Then, invite the manager to make an appointment to look at a new opportunity that you are recruiting for.  Bingo…a new warm market has been created.

Also, Tom suggested calling coaches, teachers, pastors, police officers, managers, and realtors.  These people tend to be highly qualified and underpaid, and many of these people excel at the marketing game.

Do You Talk Too Much?

One of the largest problems we have as network marketer, is the fact that we talk way too much.  Just shut up and listen sometimes.  Tom gave a brilliant analogy that I would like to share.  If you were having a dinner party and your special dish was to be your very own dessert that you have spent years perfecting, the upside down, triple chocolate, caramel, souffle …etc (you get the picture), would you serve your guests a plate full of meatloaf before the desert?  Heck NO.  You would serve them a small portion of a scrumptious fillet and leave them hungry for an extra helping of your famous dessert.

It seems that networkers just want to talk too much, but if you spoon feed your prospect and give them just enough to chew on, they will crave more information.  Sometimes people are so full of information, and because they won’t slow down, this information can bring up more and more reasons for a prospect to have more and more objections for you to field.

Never avoid questions, just answer in short bites that makes the prospect curious enough to look at your information.