How To Build A Blog …What Is Involved?

If you are even considering how to build a blog, there are several things that should be thought out thoroughly before proceeding.

First off, why are you considering blogging in the first place?  Obviously blogging has become extremely popular over the last few years.  I remember a couple of years ago, the concept of blogging was foreign to me, even though I had a significant amount of exposure to others that were blogging.

I just couldn’t put it together.  I guess I am a slow learner, but over the last few months I have come to realize the power of making money from blogging.  A couple of years ago, I was involved with a group of people that were really starting to do a lot of article marketing, and I began doing some myself, but I really did not know how to build a blog.  After a few months, life got in the way and I abandoned the quest.  Well, now 2 years later, some of the people I was involved with are making HUGE money blogging online.

How To Build A Blog That Makes Money

There are several ways to make money from your blog.

  •  Google will pay you as blog owner if they can advertise on your blog.
  • When someone clicks on the adsense ad, google puts a few cents into your bank account.
  • The sidebars on a blog are considered valuable advertising space.  Many people are building blogs specifically around affiliate products.
  • One of the best ways to make money with your blog is to advertise Amazon products.

Basically with any of these strategies, the concept is to develop traffic to your blog and then monetize it.  But how do you get traffic to your blog?  That is a science itself, but one way to get people to your blog is through keyword research.  Find a great keyword with high traffic and low competition and you have money in the bank.

Even with a great keyword and a strategic plan, there are still tons of techie stuff that you have to learn to be able to put all this together.  Oh, and we have not even started talking about building backlinks.  You have to have backlinks…tons of them back to your blog if you ever want Google to find your articles or your advertising so that you can make money.

There are also the costs involved in learning how to build a blog.  If you are just getting started or entertaining the idea of making money online, you must consider:

  • hosting
  • domain names,
  • plugins for your blog
  • article spinners
  • backlink builders
  • all the training and products for your education.

How To Build A Blog Without Sweating The Details

Don’t let me scare you!  Building a blog is definitely a rewarding venture, but believe me there is a VERY steep learning curve.  Owning your own WordPress blog to earn extra income is definitely something to consider, but there is a better and quicker way to test your skills in the online marketing world.

What if you could begin your online marketing career with an optimized WordPress blog that is optimized already to make you money?  This blog is already hosted, and has the best in Search Engine Optimization plugins installed.  Basically all you have to do is add your content and start making money and leave the task of how to build a blog to the experts until you start making a profit.

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