MLM SponsoringMLM Sponsoring is the lifeblood of any network marketing business, and for most it is a daunting task.  Most new networkers get into a business hoping they can sponsor a couple of people and hope that they will get rich as a result.  You know the old whiteboard trick showing a rep that if they sponsor 2 and they sponsor 2 and they sponsor 2, after a year, you will have 1760 reps in your business.  That looks good on paper, but in reality, it really doesn’t work, so what do the leaders in network marketing do that makes them an MLM success?

MLM Sponsoring – Warm Market

No matter what, the warm market must be the key to MLM sponsoring when a new rep gets into the business.  The warm market is key to bringing in a base of distributors to get your business up and running.  Network marketing leaders approach their warm market tactfully, and this approach can be the key to successfully bringing these  new people into the company.  One of the primary things to remember when talking to the warm market is to not SELL them.  No one wants to be sold, and no one is out looking for someone to show them a network marketing business.

Successful marketing leaders know that it is easier to be a problem solver than a salesman.  This is a huge nugget to remember.  If you can use your business as a tool to solve someone’s problem, you can recruit them.  Everyone has problems and challenges that they face, and the only way that you can help them is to recruit them onto your team. Find out in conversation if someone is making the income that they desire, and dig to see if they have challenges ahead like retirement, college expenses, job stability or medical expenses. Solve the problem and you have a rep for life.

Duplication Key To MLM Sponsoring

In order to build a huge organization, your downline has to be as good at MLM sponsoring as you, and that is where duplication comes in.  Most new reps come into the business and really have no clue how to start sponsoring people, and when they do sponsor someone, they don’t know or even try to teach them how to sponsor.  Tools and systems are the key to driving a downline to the depths of infinity.  (Infinity…I like that word, especially when you get paid to infinity.)

Leaders in this business are masters at duplication and teaching.  So what are the best systems and tools to duplicate?  You know I have seen leaders do meetings in front of huge crowds and recruit people that way, but that is really not duplication.  Most people, especially new reps, do not have the skillset or the cash to drive or fly all over the country doing hotel meetings.  Simple tools and systems are the key to duplication, as well as working deep within the organization.

MLM Sponsoring Sytems

Like a golf game…I used to think that buying new clubs would make me better…many people think that they can just buy some magic system and people will be lining up in your email box to sign up with you and your business.  That is just not the case, and MLM sponsoring leaders know that systems are only as good as the marketer behind the system.  Network marketing systems can help a marketer put all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together, thus making it easier and quicker to get in the game.

MLM sponsoring systems do a wide variety of tasks for the network marketer, but one of the major things a system accomplishes is a funded proposal.  Network marketing online is not cheap.  When people talk about FREE leads and traffic, let me tell you that nothing online is free.  It takes some cash to get a well tuned prospecting machine up and running, and the funded proposal helps a marketer cover their costs by paying affiliate commissions for recommending the tools needed to market online.

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