mlm leads helpIf you are like most networkers, you need as much MLM leads help as you can get.  You have a great business model with your company, you are excited and have talked to most of what you consider your warm market, sponsored your neighbor, mother in law, and your best friend.  Now you have run out of people to talk to and you want to keep moving.

MLM leads help build a successful network marketing business.  Without good leads, a networker has no one to talk to, and business is destined to dry up without them.  So how do new networkers gather leads to keep their business moving in the right direction.  Stay tuned and I will uncover some lead sources that you may not have ever thought about.

MLM Leads Help – Buy MLM Leads

When many networkers need MLM leads help, they automatically think about all the lead sources providing business opportunity leads out there.  There are tons of companies that can sell you leads for your business.  The premise behind this method is that these companies put ads and capture pages on the internet and gather information from people looking for a way to make money from home.

Most of the time, in my experience, these leads are sold several times and are most of the time a waste of time if you do not use these leads correctly.  These leads can be a gold mine if you approach them for what they are.  Personally I like to have and use these leads so that I keep a mindset of lead abundance.  When I feel like I need to talk with people about my business, I plug the purchased leads into my phone burner software which auto dials the leads till someone answers.  This method is kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack, but you never know.

MLM Leads Help – Leads From Your Distributors

This method of gathering leads is by far my favorite, and really most people do not even consider this as a method of MLM leads help.  When you bring on a new distributor into your business, consider that distributor as a lead vendor.  Sounds crazy…but true.  Your new distributor will most likely have a cell phone, and the average number of contacts within a phone usually run into the hundreds.

Think about it!  Your new distributor comes on board and they usually do not know how to even start recruiting into their business.  Your job is to convince your distributor to make a list from their contacts and do 3 way calls with them.  This is, what I think, the magical ingredient to building a huge organization.

MLM Leads Help – Generate Your Own Leads

This method of generating leads seems to be the Holy Grail amongst networkers.  Think about it…if you can generate your own leads at will, you will have an endless supply of people to talk to about your business.  Even better, many of these leads actually will approach you to work with you and your business if you have an attraction marketing system in place and if you have branded yourself in a way in which others would like to work with you.

Generating you own lead online can be a daunting task.  There are systems out there that truly make building a sales funnel to gather leads and convert these leads into your business much easier than doing it on your own.  Using a combination of these three techniques will create lead abundance for you and your business and reduce your need for MLM leads help.

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