network marketing lead generationNetwork Marketing Lead Generation Is The Lifeblood Of Any Successful Network Marketing Business!

But…Lack of lead generation will kill the most important aspect of network marketing which is RECRUITING.  Recruiting and selling products is the only thing that will put money in your pocket, and you have to have leads or people to talk to in order to be successful recruiting.

Problems With Traditional Network Marketing Lead Generation

Don’t get me wrong…traditional network marketing lead generation is absolutely necessary for most people to be successful in their business.  And, it should be fun also…I mean if you are excited about your business, and you believe in it, you will generate warm market leads without even trying.

If you have a great product, or if you are introducing your business the right way…people will be flocking to your opportunity, but what kind of people do you want to recruit into your business?

One of the major problems that I see in most organizations is attrition, and attrition happens in an organization because distributors are recruited that just don’t want it…and they QUIT.

One solution to the attrition problem…Focus on recruiting the types of people that know the business model and …for the most part…want the rewards that this business provide.  These great prospects are network marketers.

Focus Your Network Marketing Lead Generation Toward Network Marketers For MLM Success

I am not say to not prospect or recruit “non networkers” into your business, because there are many people out there that turn out to be great business builders.

Advantages Of Network Marketing Lead Generation – Network Marketers

  • Network marketers already know the concept behind the business model.
  • Network marketers are typically not “tire kickers” which means they may have money to spend.
  • Network marketers are always looking for a better way to work their business
  • Network Marketers generally have less attrition

Where are you going to find these networkers to put into your business?

Well, you can find them anywhere, but the best place to find them is online, and this is where the power of online marketing comes in.

MLM lead Generation Strategies For Finding Networkers Online

Realistically, online marketing is similar to offline marketing, because relationships still need to be built, but you are able to reach a much broader audience online if done correctly.

One of the best ways to connect with people online is through attraction marketing and offering something of value.  Network marketers are always on the hunt for a “better mouse trap”, and if you can sell them a tool that they may need for their business, you have just made a connection.

One of the best MLM leads systems that I have used for network marketing lead generation is My Lead System Pro (MLSP), and it is the perfect “tool” to sell to other network marketers.  MLSP is a very advanced platform that can be personally branded as your own mlm system.

Advantages Of MLSP For Network Marketing Lead Generation

Affiliate commissions are the name of the game with MLSP.  Inside My Lead System Pro, you will have nearly 20 tools and systems that your new sign up could potentially want to buy to make their business work more efficiently.  Therefore, you can make residual commissions every month from the MLSP system and from any affiliate sales that you make.

This is lead generation on steroids.  Think about it, you are generating leads for your business, building a list for your sales funnel, making affiliate commissions, and introducing your new prospects to you primary business through attraction marketing.  Now that is a network marketing lead generation system.


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