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This is going to be FUN!  We are going to take this article and use this article as a case study to have this post rank on the first page of google for the keyword Online marketing strategy.  This post will talk about on page SEO, then I am going to document my strategy and progress with text and video HERE!

The Great Online Marketing Strategy Experiment

So the game plan is to do proper search engine optimization (SEO) on this post then we will go through a series of off page SEO to see if … and how quickly we can get this post ranked.

On page SEO is extremely important in getting the search engines to notice your post.  Google looks for several things and if you have a good online marketing strategy in place, you are sure to be successful in ranking your post.

Online Marketing Strategy – On Page Search Engine Optimization

So here are the basic steps and online marketing strategies that I use nearly anytime that I am doing a blog post.


H1, H2, H3 tags.  Every blog post should have at least one of these heading tags.  If you click on the paragraph tab at the top of the post editor, you can highlight your heading and click on the heading tag.  You will notice that the first heading is an H1 heading, and the heading directly above this paragraph is an H2.  I will put another tag, H3, toward the bottom of this post.

Make sure your keywords are in your H1, H2, and H3 tags.

Another key in getting your post and keyword noticed by the search engines, is to make sure that your keyword is used sporadically throughout your post.  You will notice that, in addition to the keyword being used in the headings, I have used my keyword about 1% of the time…so if this is a 500 word post, I would have the keyword used approximately 5 or so times.

Keyword in your post should be bold, italicized, underlined, and linked.

Keywords within the post should either pointed out to the search engine, you will notice the bold in the first paragraph italicized in the 4th and online marketing strategy underlined here.  (What another clever use of my keyword here).  Also, remember to put your keyword in your first and last sentences.

Using Pictures In Your Online Marketing Strategy SEO

Pictures on your page, not only make your page more appealing to the reader, but pictures also help your blog search engine optimization.  When putting a picture in your post, you will notice that when you click the image link to insert an image, there will be an opportunity to put an Alternate text under the title.  Put your keyword in the alt text and google will see the relevance of the picture.

Here is the game plan for the ranking experiment.

We have our page optimized and will go on the blog as is typical with any other blog post.

I will use other SEO methods to try to achieve page 1 ranking on Google such as Tribe Pro, article syndication through Article Marketing Robot, and we will use some facebook strategies also.

I will document this experiment every step of the way on The Google Rank Experiment for ranking my online marketing strategy.



Aim High

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