Are you having problems prospecting in network marketing.  One of the biggest issues facing network marketers today is finding people to talk to.  Do you get the cold sweats when you think about approaching someone to talk to them about your business.  In your mind, you are thinking…I know he or she is not interested in what I am doing.   Have you been rejected time and time again, and has your level of self confidence been shattered like a mirror being hit by a golf ball.  (I did that on a driving range in front of a lot of people…very embarrassing).

Prospecting In Network Marketing Is The Life Of Your Business

If the paragraph above describes any feeling that you get when you think about building your business, there is hope.  You know that in order to be successful, you must be good at prospecting to find new distributors to put in your business. Prospecting in network marketing  is the life blood of your success.  If you are going to have any level of success, you MUST be a good prospector.  As a network marketer, your job basically to strike interest in your prospect, provide  3rd party information to review, and collect a decision.

Tips for Prospecting In Network Marketing

Go for NO!  Face it, if you are not a master prospector, the no’s are fairly easy to come by.  Embrace it!  Make getting the “NO” a game.  As you get better at prospecting in network marketing, it will be harder and harder to get these no’s,  but remember that every no is one step closer to a yes.  Also, one of the reasons that I like to teach people to go for the no, is that it enables you to approach people that you would otherwise not approach.  In a twisted sort of way, getting that NO makes you successful.

So how do you make it harder to get that NO?  One of the best ways is working on your approach.  So many networkers just don’t get this.  Keep in mind that no one out there is going about their daily business just hoping someone approaches them during the day to offer them a business opportunity.  People that you are wanting to approach do not care about you, they care about themselves and the problems they face during the day and in their life.  USE THAT.

Anytime you are talking with someone, it doesn’t take long for people to open up.  Basically during a conversation, people like to talk about one of three things:  the weather, how bad things are, how bad things are going to be.  Be a problem solver…not a salesman.  Find out what someone’s NEEDS are before trying to sell them on your business.  Let your business opportunity be the aspirin for the pain in their life.  How can your business help your prospect accomplish their achievements.

Here is one of my favorite approaches when  with a little twist that I learned from Ray Higdon.  If you are talking with someone, and you have built a little rapport with them, simply say…

“Hey just throwing this out there, but would you be OPEN to looking at a side project that would not interfere with what you are currently doing?”

If they answer positively, follow up with:

“Why?”  Find out if something has changed in their life, or why they would be open to looking at something.  This can be the key in closing your prospect.  Find out what their pain is and help them.  The only way that you can help them is to bring them into your business and mentor them and give them an opportunity.

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