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ProvisionRx is one of the most unique home business opportunities of the decade. Whereas most home-based businesses depend on sales for success, your success with Provision Rx depends solely on giving away free prescription discount cards.

If you can simply hand out a business card, you can earn income. The company utilizes a “no selling” business model as its formula for success.

Anyone can do the Provision Rx business, and many people who have previously been unsuccessful in home-based business ventures in the past, are finding success with this business model.

  • Their product is so simple. It is a prescription discount card. It’s not hard to see the severe need for such a product. Everyone either has to struggle to pay exorbitant medication costs, or knows someone who does.
  • This pharmacy discount card is free and instantly accessible by printing straight from the website.
  • No papers to fill out, no fees to pay, no monthly charges, no plan to join.
  • Immediately provides up to a 70% discount on prescription drugs at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Can be used by all family members, or given to friends.

As A ProvisionRx Independent Business Owner (IBO), you can:

  • Promote your business by simply giving these prescription discount cards away.
  • Earn each time a pharmacy discount card is used with your group number — they get the discount, and you get paid.
  • Benefit from several very lucrative streams of income within this business, even though the card’s use is the primary basis behind the Provision Rx business .
  • Enjoy the confidence of working with a company with a good history, and a future of stability. ProvisionRx has partnered with, and is the marketing arm of a 29 year old company called IAB, or International Association of Benefits.
The IAB is an icon in the benefits industry with offices in Washington DC and Texas. You can feel assured because Provision Rx is not one of those start-up companies that you have to be concerned about disappearing in a few short months. They are here to stay.
So why should the longevity of a company have a dramatic impact on your decision to consider ProvisionRx as a home-based business? Longevity can be key in the exponential growth of your organization, resulting in large infinity bonuses, which are bonuses paid for each distributor and each prescription paid through infinity.

ProvisionRX offers 2 different infinity bonuses within their multiple streams of income.

  • An infinity usage bonus which pays 18¢ for each prescription filled within your organization to infinity.
  • Another infinity bonus which pays $1.80 for each distributor in your organization who hands out a minimum of 10 cards a month.
  • Together these two bonuses are paid monthly and can grow to be staggering numbers.
  • In addition to these lucrative infinity bonuses, the company also pays you handsomely for teaching others how to distribute these free prescription discount cards.
  • Fast start bonuses are paid to distributors to ProvisionRX IBOs who bring others into the business within their first 30 days.
  • Another attractive feature of the compensation plan is the uni-level design, meaning that an IBO can build an organization as wide and deep as they desire.
You get paid for everything you do, with no break-aways in your organization. The ProvisionRx plan is certainly a prescription for success!

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