Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, ProvisionRx has done it again.  Not only is Provision Rx offering the free prescription discount card which has put the company on the map, but they have added several awesome products.  ProvisionRx has added lab and imaging discounts as well as an online shopping mall.  The company is also offering discounts on diabetic supplies and hearing aids.

ProvisionRx Lab Discounts

ProvisionRx Lab DiscountsProvisionRx offers their customers up to and average savings of 50% off retail lab testing, and the good news it that you don’t have to go see a doctor for a prescription, which costs even more money.  You can order your test online and go to one of the many testing labs to get your test.

This program is designed to expand the field of preventive medicine by giving people the opportunity for screening in a safe affordable environment.


ProvisionRx Imaging Discounts

Our company is revolutionizing the health care industry by providing imaging discounts which allow our customers an affordable and convenient way to get various types of imaging done without a referral from a physician.

Provision RX provides imaging at a fraction of typical retail costs.  The steps involved are as simple as locating a center, order your test, then simply visit the center to get the diagnostic testing done and review your results.


ProvisionRx VIP Savings

My VIP Savings My VIP Savings is an online shopping mall which allows the consumer to save money while shopping at some of their favorite places.  People can shop from the comfort of their own home and the ProvisionRx member can make a commission for simply sending someone to the website.  Companies pay a premium to get traffic to their sites, and that is exactly what Provision Rx is doing.


Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic Supplies DiscountedRecipients of the ProvisionRX card can receive benefits and discounts on diabetic supplies.  Customers can order a diabetic care package which can be shipped every month to their doorstep.  These packages can be customized for each person’s individual needs.  This package can include lancets, test strips, meters, and more.


Hearing Aids Through ProvisionRxProvisionRx has partnered with Newport Audiology Centers which provide a considerable discount on hearing aids to our card holders.  This discount is coupled with exceptional customer service and benefits.


These benefits combined with the Provision Rx prescription discount card make ProvisionRX an incredible opportunity for those that can simply give a FREE card away to help people.

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